Title: Pharmaceutical services in Romania during the COVID-19 pandemic

Abstract: Pharmacies played an important role in society during the pandemic, being visited by customers more often than before. Communication with them was more intense, and this allowed the pharmacies to expand into other types of services. The study presents the changes produced on the Romanian pharmacy market from the perspective of the customers. It measured the confidence of pharmacists, the degree of information about the services offered, the attitude towards new services (measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, osteoporosis, etc.) and opinions about vaccination in pharmacies. The results of the research showed that people have a very high degree of confidence in the advice they receive in pharmacies. The pharmacies provide basic services (dispense of medication, information on their use, and tips for improving the health), but less services for health testing, preparation of medicines, and involvement in health care programs. Citizens want to benefit from the new services that pharmacies are offering now (rapid tests for blood pressure, glucose or infections), but they are reluctant to testing spirometry, osteodensitometry, skin cancer and age related degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s) at pharmacies. However, vaccination in pharmacies is the most strongly rejected, especially by women, people with higher education, high incomes, and chronically ill.

Key words: pharmacies; vaccination; survey; Romania.