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Relația studenților și absolvenților Universității Politehica din Timișoara cu piața muncii

Title: The relationship of students and graduates of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara with the labor market

Abstract: The study presents in-depth interviews with decision makers from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara on the involvement of students in practice, research activities, their support for employment, the relationship with graduate faculties and prospects for the coming years. He points out that the professors went on vocational training courses at prestigious universities only during their doctoral period; that those in charge of the institution have only exceptionally graduated management courses; that students’ internships are different from those in Western universities (short-term, without a mentor to really guide them, with minimal, simplistic, unpaid activities, with little access to valuable information, with little use in their development professional); that the involvement of students in research activities is an exception; that the integration of graduates into the labor market is only formally monitored, without strengthening their subsequent relationship with the university; that the wave of emigration has stopped, followed by that of mobility, of work in several countries; that the Ministry of Education does not have a strategy for the insertion of graduates on the labor market.

Keywords: students; graduates; Professors; university environment; labor market.