Rural Antreprenor


Title: Rural Entrepreneur. Research on the training and management consulting needs of entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business in rural areas in the development regions North-West, West, South-West Oltenia, South Muntenia, Bucharest-Ilfov
Abstract: The research is part of the strategic project “Rural Entrepreneur”, POSDRU / 83 / 5.2 / S / 59596 and was conducted based on a survey to which 1,527 entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs from rural areas responded. In addition, 5 focus groups, 5 brainstorming’s and 50 in-depth interviews were conducted with 154 entrepreneurs and 115 civil servants. She analyzed how people started their first business, the factors that determined the success of their first business, the transition to a sustainable business, the obstacles encountered in starting an entrepreneur, the fears that appear when starting a business, the changes after starting a business, the perception of competition, self-evaluation. managerial education, the need for consultancy, external support in business development, the future of one’s own business, the dynamics of the entrepreneurial approach in rural areas during 2008-2010.
Keywords: managerial education; rural entrepreneurship; management consulting;