Rural Manager


Title: Rural Manager. Research on the training and management consultancy needs of entrepreneurs and those wishing to start a business in rural areas in the North-East, Central and South-East development regions
Abstract: The research is part of the strategic project “Rural Manager” POSDRU / 13 / 5.2 / S / 8 and was conducted based on a survey to which 942 entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs from rural areas responded. In addition, 3 focus groups, 3 brainstorming’s and 30 in-depth interviews were conducted with 80 entrepreneurs and 159 civil servants. She analyzed entrepreneurial values, building an 11-step entrepreneurial scale, entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors, qualities and obstacles in managerial career, theoretical management knowledge held by rural employers, the need for training and entrepreneurship in business, business consulting, rural management perspectives.
Keywords: managerial education; rural entrepreneurship; management consulting;