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Studiu privind evaluarea impactului dezvoltării formelor alternative de ocupare asupra persoanelor vulnerabile din regiunile București-Ilfov, Sud-Muntenia, Sud-est, Sud-Vest Oltenia

Title: Study on assessing the impact of the development of alternative forms of employment on vulnerable people in the regions of Bucharest-Ilfov, South-Muntenia, South-East, South-West Oltenia
Abstract: The study was conducted within the project „Development of a multiregional partnership for education and training”, contract POSDRU / 165/62 / S / 141123 and analyzed the impact of several alternative forms of employment: apprenticeship, volunteering, internship work / practice at work, distance work, Internet work, part-time employment, casual / day work, work at home / at home, flexible working hours, temporary employment / seasonal work. The target group consisted of the unemployed, jobseekers, people with disabilities, people of Roma ethnicity or coming from orphanages, as well as other people from vulnerable groups. During October-November 2015, a survey of 272 subjects, 3 focus groups and 27 in-depth interviews were conducted within this project.
Keywords: vulnerable people, alternative forms of work, skills, training;